Saturday, August 9, 2008


I love the colour...i love the picture...and i love everything about olympic Beijing 2008..It was the tremendous olympic opening ceremony ever!!

Olympic 2010 in London. Dare you challenge it?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Good News and Bad News..

Everyday we walk through the day in our unpredictable life without thinking it's lead to where.Sound like a little bit cliche but to be honest it's really meaningfull.But why??..I'm quite damn shocking today and began more realize where some unexplained things will happend to you which it never be expected.Either it goes to good or bad thing it depends on your fate.But for me i don't need fate because i do have LOVE...

Vulgar word mode activated *Darnnnn*

Well..good news and bad news seem to be the perfect posting to describe what happend to me today ..Let go through the good news first and followed with a bad news.

Good news of my good friend celebrating his 26 birthday and that awesome.God bless her

Bad news

Picture may speak a thousand word and here it is.My buddie who sit beside me has been arrested by trafic police this morning and sent to jail for a week.Damn it!!!..It sound hell funny when you just break traffic law and being sent to jail.Huh..Actually we are making fun of it.hik hik hikk..We plan to buy a strip shirt like prisoners and paint it with a company id on it( mcm jersi) and give when we pay him a visit in jail this weekend ( this is my boss idealah) .Damn kejam..Everybody is laughing but actually they are not realize the consequences later on.Based on company policy, you may be terminated from the company once you have a criminal record.The other thing, you may find difficulties in travelling to another country where they will keep track your criminal record and shitt!!..that's not cool..Sent him to jail just bcoz his breaking speed limit it too much..why don't they just take his Audi S4 car ( v8 engine with turbo power) or suspend his driving licence for a totally nonsense..he just 25 year old dude!!! another point of's good for him to get the lesson and for sure he wouldn't drive fast anymore.Eventhough, he get caught while driving 202 km/h in highway..what!!!..202 km/j!!!! are you nut!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The most interesting place on earth ..Vietnam

Everybody in this world has a dream and so do i..but either you can achive or not wallahualam coz there are certain things that is meant to be untold.However, we need to play our role to keep struggle and move forward to our dream to be come true.( end of ayat skema)

Vulgar word activated.*Dush dush*
Dude..i love travelling. I would rather spend my whole salary in bank for travelling instead of buying things.I'm the very the kemut one in buying something..OMG!!hik hikk hik..Whatever..Since ebob yg psycho keep psychoing me to write some article which sort of like "Jalan2 cari makan", then Vietnam seems to be the first favourite place to be visited..yippieee..
Here we go..Welcome to Vietnam!!!

1. Hanoi
I believe for those who love being in a place where they can find culture and historic building, Hanoi would be the best choice.Damn it!!!.i love it..Btw Hanoi city quite crowded but still awesome.To get hungry in Hanoi city seem to be weird coz you may find people selling food everywhere.Just dudok and selambakodok order tikus masak lomak, cicak goreng tepung and yada yada yada..However, to get halal food here is really difficult and as been advise jgn gatal2 makan kat stall tepi jalan coz you may get food poisoning.Just grap some junk food or KFC also available lah..sebuk2 mau makan tepi jalan aper hal..but believe me, the scenery was perfect.look below pic and rate it by your self.I just can't wait to buy camera dslr.huhh..

2. Ho Chi Minh (Saigon)
Ho Chi Minh basicly is a City. So for gurl aperlaga kasik siap2 duet berkepuk2 dlm handbeg and shopinglaa..For hubby, boipren, sugar daddy even for bapak ayam don't worry kay..rileks bro..Malaysia currency beso.Satu hengget bersamaan 5,288.33 Vietnamese Dong .Amacam ada berani..bawak sengget jer dah boleh gi shopping sakan..bayangkan ko bawak 10 hengget..hik hikk hikk..

3. Halong Bay
Ahaaa..Place of love..Paradise...what more?? actually i just can't wait to story morry this perfect place..Why we want to go Vietnam exactly because of this place.I don't know how to describe the beauty and art behind the scenery.Damn it..I'm writeless..Come on dude.Get your lover and buy your damn ticket and fly here.Just spend a day together and you may feel very peacefull and damn gumbiraa..It should be the ideal place for honeymoon.Isn't it..OMG!!!

How to get there!!
Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) to Hanoi (HAN)
01 Dec 2008 Departs 1500 Arrives 1725 ( AK 762 ) RM 246.50
Hanoi (HAN) to Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL)
03 Dec 2008 Departs 0915 Arrives 1330 ( AK 761 ) RM 276.50

With Airasia..Now Everyone Can Fly...hik hik hikk

Sunday, August 3, 2008


lalalalallaa..nananannana..kuci kuci..deng deng..kuang kuang ..wawawawaw..kikikikikiki..lalalalalalala..dongkidongkidongkikk..yada yada yada yada..bush bush bush bush..nenonenoneno..alamak BOSS ( Bagi Orang Semua Susah) sudah datang..cabotttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!

Mari mari pilih nomborr!!

Werlopsss...Dear my kinda fella,Just take 5 minutes to pick your best number to describe your current status .

1. baru lepas break up(happy sgt!)
2. baru lepas break up(sedih sgt!)
3. baru lepas break up(putus asa)
4. baru lepas break up(terpaksa)
5. baru lepas break up(saje jer!)
6. baru lepas break up(padan muka dia!)
7. single dan baru lepas kena reject (tak kisah pun. its your lost!)
8. single dan baru lepas kena reject (aduhh melepas lagi!)
9. single dan baru lepas kena reject(aku dah putus asa!)
10. single dan baru lepas kene reject (aku dah tak nak jumpa dia lagi!)
11. single dan sdg mencari
12. single dan happy sgt :)
13. single dan dah putus asa
14. single dan anti couple
15. single dan tak kisah
16. single dan sedang menyukai some1 (dia tak tahu)kuang3
17. single dan sedang menyukai some1 (saya harap dia suka saya jugak)
18. single dan menyukai some1 (dia fikir saya bergurau)
19. single dan meyukai some1 (tak mungkin dia couple dgn saya)
20. single dan sedang memikirkan ex
21. berpunya (boring sgt!)
22. berpunya (kami akan break up)
23. berpunya (saya tak nak parents tahu)
24. berpunya (kami bahagia)
25. berpunya (parents dpt tahu tp kami akan teruskan jugak)
26. berpunya (dia curang!)
27. berpunya (kami akan berkahwin)
28. berpunya (terpaksa)
29. berpunya (kami cuma main2)
30. berpunya (kami pernah kiss/make out)
31. Janda ( tgh cari pengganti)
32. Janda ( dah serik dgn lelaki)
33. Janda ( tak kisah)
34. Duda ( tgh cari pengganti)
35. Duda ( dah serik dgn lelaki)
36. Duda ( tak kisah)
37. Bertunang ( xsabar nak kawen)
38. Bertunang ( Kami nak break up)
39. Bertunang ( Baru lepas kene sodomy)
40. Berkahwin ( tgh happy)
41.Berkahwin ( tgh gado)
42.Berkahwin ( Nak bercerai)
43.Berkahwin ( Nak kawen lagi..)

The information is really crucial for me to indicate my friends status.Segala surat menyurat tidak akan dilayan..ahaks..