Saturday, July 10, 2010


Teringat Lagu yang my dad nyanyi for hari keluarga PPD segamat.
This is Once in a life time seeing my dad singing in front of the people even we know he used to have a band before he get married with my mom. I also still remembered my dad broke his lovely guitar ( with some reason) before he flown to Manila while he was on preparation to perform "one way ticket" song to the delegation.It was sad day but life must goes on.

Then our house emptied without guitar almost 3-4 year until my bro bought his own when i was in standard 6. I don't really know how to play but im learning by myself for a couple of year. I learn and play using my bro guitar until my dad bought me one for my 17 birthday.

Now i got my own guitar but i don't know why on earth i still can't play well..huh..mybe tangan tak bedung kot..hehehe..habis cerita