Thursday, July 10, 2008

Self Defense Plan for Man

AWARENESS is the first step in your self defense plan. Be aware of the danger points in your life. Are you often alone? Are you dating with your boss? Are you boss offered a condominum?
Have you escaped from an abusive relationship with your boss? Do you frequently work late with your boss? Every life is different - Know where the danger lies in yours.

AVOIDANCE is the second step. Look at the danger points in your life and map out ways to avoid as many potentially hazardous situations as you can. Meet dates with your boss in very public places. If you must work late with boss, park your butt away from his view, If you like to jog in the park with your boss - ask your friend to go along.

PREPARE for things going wrong. Always have a cell phone handy for calling help or capture video or picture as evidence. Know what to do in an emergency. Learn to defend yourself against the most likely attacks and carry some form of self defense product.At least you can crawl and fight before they can do anything to you( either with permission or without permission). We offer some product for certain shemale ( sissy male) for a protection . One of our products is right for you so please - take a minute, have a look around and choose this product that i believe you're comfortable with.

Product :- Anal Protector
Company :- Syarikat Odon Miekel (M) Sdn Bhd ( SODOMY)
Type :- Male Protection
Made From :- Malaysia
Target product :- Youngster & Political Leader & all


We offer our customers a 100% money-back guarantee and a full 3 months to examine our products. We're not fully satisfied until you are. If for any reason you aren't completely happy with a purchase, simply return it within 3 months of the invoice date and we'll gladly give you a complete and immediate refund of your full purchase price, no questions asked...that's our guarantee to you.

Please call us at +914464575023 ( Mr Alagappan ) for more details....Please protect yourself!!!Aiyoyoo..


apisfires said...

thats fun sey....

ebob said...

err..mender tu kan..klu kreatif laa, leh jd multipurpose tuh...leh jd helmet..dudududuuuu

hanis said...

aku cuba membayangkan mogen dalam alat tersebut... lalallala... nanaanna...

Mogen Ali Rico said...

Oiitttt...mak tak rela..eeewwwwww