Monday, July 21, 2008

Think Outside The Box!!

Emirates goes paperless on new A380 in effort to save fuel costs
Jul 20, 2008

Emirates is to remove all seat-pocket paper - in-flight magazines, entertainment guides and shopping catalogues - when its giant new A380 aircraft go into service in 12 days.
Tim Clark, Emirates' president, quoted in the Sunday Times, said banning paper would lighten the aircraft by a tonne. "It's 2kg per seat, and 500 seats - a worthwhile saving," he said. "We are doing it because of fuel prices and because of the environment."
The printed matter will be replaced by content shown on the aircraft's seat-back television screens. The move is a timely piece of positive PR ahead of the A380's launch.
The newspaper said Emirates had also begun a project with Airbus to reduce the weight of the A380 by five tonnes by 2012.

This would allow the airline to use the plane on extra-long routes, such as nonstop from Dubai to Los Angeles and San Francisco on the US west coast.
Emirates will take delivery of its first A380 next week. The plane will make its first commercial flight to New York on August 1.
The clutter-cutting is part of a wider initiative to trim weight from all Emirates flights, but won't apply to all aircraft yet. An Emirates spokesman said paperless flights will be phased in as new (and retrofitted) aircraft join the fleet. The airline is also looking at build materials on fabrics, packaging, foot rests and f&b - copy from Middle East Business News & analysis from Dubai

The news maybe just a sample of a thousand way to beat oil price hike spark crisis in different kind point of view.It clearly showed the quality of solution and the way how they are thinking in different perspective.Ketenet tak tahu the exact defination of "Think Outside The Box" but it might be helpful if we go through what the differences between people who "think inside the box "and "think outside the box"

1 - Inside the box thinker -always accepting the status quo and hardly to recognize the quality of an idea.Kire macam kalo kerja kat syarikat yang penuh dgn oldies.Cubela kasik idea yang lain sikit confirm kene bedal. Idea and solution been a separate items which bring them a difficulty on valuing any idea and turn the idea into solution.They are skillful in killing idea.Byk ayat orang2 pikir dalam kotak nie.Cthnya 'That'll never worklah!!', 'It's too riskylah','Susahlaa..nanti makin byk kerja','Cakap senanglaa..', 'nanti mak aku marahlaa'- nie bukan..nie sebab lain dan mcm2lah.They also believe that every problem needs only one solution, therefore finding more than one possible solution is a waste of time.Kalo dalam meeting,ayat yang paling comand "Kita takde masa dgn penyelesaian2 yang creative dan tak konkrit dgn bukti, kita mesti selesaikan masalah nie dgn segera!!".Sometimes we don't realized we can be a "inside box thinker" when we stop giving an idea and think of something in different angle .MSK cth org pikir luar kotak..aku rasalaa..

2-Outside the box thinker - people who used to think differently, unconventionally, looking for a new perspective or the best word is smart thinker.To be a "outside the box thinker" required an openness to new way of seeing the world and willingness to explore a new thing.Must be able to listen to others idea, focusing on the value of finding new ideas and supporting and respecting people ideas.Haa..semua idea idea idea...Semua org patut think outside the box dlm mencari sesuatu penyelesaian .
Cuma yang dibolehkan utk tidak memikirkan luar kotak adalah kepada kucing ( bukan lelaki kucing)."Tomot..Don't you never ever think outside the box, dok dalam kotak tu diam2..!!"

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Letting the time pass me by said...

It is good to think "outside the box" for a more creative solutions...

kekadang terlebih "thinking outside the box" pun ade pro and kontranya... boleh jadi hilang fokus..

Kat malaysia nie politik dia dah mula "thinking outside the box" la agaknya...