Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Hey yaaa..i'm still alive!!!
Did you remember my mate who driving like hell and has been arrested and send to jail for 1 week .He just freed from prison this afternoon and yeayy..we miss him so much..(actually nope because we just can't wait to make fun of it..negh ngehh ngehhh kiokk..We had bought an orange coverall suite like guantanamo bay prisoners and yupe..this sunday he gonna wear it ( even terpaksa menggunakan kekerasan)!!!kejam amatt..lalalala..btw, this is not my idea..i just being a good follower and damn it..i can't wait until this sunday.hehehe..Actually we are a little bit worried if anything bad happend to him.Yalorr..being jailed with criminal ..takot2 kena sodomy kangg..hehehe..just pray for his health and hopefully everything gonna be fine..but for sure..this gonna be fun yeahh!!!!!!!!

Morals of the story,

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hanis said...

nasib aku bukan opis mate ko... :P