Monday, August 11, 2008

Win 2 Free Tickets Olympic Beijing 2008

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1) Which ones are male twins?
2) Which one are female twins?
3) How many women are in the group?
4) Which one is the teacher?
5) Which one is the youngest student?
6) Which one is the oldest student?
7) Which one is already been married?
8) Which ones are gonna be married next year?
9) Which one name Foo Kee San?
10) Which ones goes to school by bus?

I guess..nobody gonna win lehh..har har harr harrrunnnn...


Jetz.Jr said...

huh giler kentang camner nak jawab haahha

Mogen Ali Rico said...

ni mmg kes taknak kasik org menang laa niehh..selamat mencuba..lalallalalal

hanis said...

eleh... nampak ngat org yang sama... yayy... aku menang...