Saturday, August 16, 2008

Meroket ke bulan...

Gentlemen, the world has changed and so do i..Maybe you though the internet was invented for medium of communication between people around the world, medium on sharing the information, love, free porn and yada yada yada.., but probably noticed there's a bit more to it than that.

So, to be reponsible and as consequences for what happend lately, from a bottom of my heart, i would say i'm sorry, sorry and sorry for everything i've done.I just repeat it 3 times and if it's still no space for forgiveness, i would say..PISS OFF and BUZZ OFF from my life in very gently and ultimate romantic horny voices.

Withal of all this, i would take a break for "Meroket ke bulan" to get a clear view from above what exactly happend down to earth and insyaalah we might see again in new chapter of my life.

Happy Independance Month to all Malaysian not Melayu sahaja and wassalam..


1 comment:

hanis said...

uikss.... dah lah jauh diperantauan.. ni ko nak meroket ke bulan lak? udah2 ler bawak diri... kami d mesia ni... tak bleh ko takde... petak pala... ngeh3