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Even, board of Directors has accepted the resignation of the current Chairman, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim on 2 June 2008 in foundation for the future organization but i believe they are still four-square behind DSAI until now.Let go through all the members (DSAI friends) in the organization and see what they can do to influence the world.

Rahma Bourqia, Morocco
Rahma Bourqia is president of University Hassan II Mahommedia. Bourqia has written books and many articles on Moroccan society, culture, women, youth and values. She is an expert on women's rights in Morocco and the Arab World.

Kamel Abu Jaber, Jordan
Dr. Kamel S. Abu Jaber has been president of the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy since 1997. Formerly, he served as minister of the economy (1973), as a senator in the Jordan upper house of parliament (1993-1997), and as minister of foreign affairs for Jordan (1991-1993). Abu Jaber has held the posts of professor of political science (1971, 1979-1980, 1985), dean of the faculty of economics and commerce (1972-1979) and director of the Strategic Studies Centre at the University of Jordan.

Bakhtiar Amin, Iraq
Bakhtiar Amin is Minister of Human Rights of Iraq and Executive Director of the International Alliance for Justice (IAJ), which coordinates a network of 275 international non-governmental organizations from more than 120 countries. He pursued doctoral studies in geopolitics and studied journalism in Sweden. He has two decades' experience in the field of international human rights and humanitarian work.

Andreu Claret Serra, Spain
Claret is the Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, which promotes dialogue between the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Sandra Day O'Connor, United States
Justice Sandra Day O'Connor retired as an associate justice on the United States Supreme Court. Nominated to the court by President Reagan. She holds a B.A. (with Great Distinction) and an LL.B. (Order of the Coif) from Stanford University, where she was a member of the board of editors of the Stanford Law Review.

Abdul Rahman al Rashed, Saudi Arabia
Abdul Rahman al Rashed is manager of Al Arabiya ex editor-in-chief for the pan-Arab al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper in London for five years and was known for his daily columns that frequently sparked debate in the Arab world.

Naguib Sawiris, Egypt
As Founder and Chairman of Orascom Telecom, Mr. Sawiris has led the growth of the company in a dynamic pace, to be the leading regional company in Telecommunications, GSM operations, Internet Services, satellite and related communication services. Orascom Telecom operates GSM networks in 9 different countries in the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian Subcontinent, in addition to a number of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and satellite service providers serving approximately 300 million people.

Dr. Cornelio Sommaruga, Switzerland
Cornelio Sommaruga (Switzerland) is currently Chairman of the Board of the UICC International Cancer Foundation in Geneva as well as President of the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining.

Zahira Kamal, Palestine
Ms. Zahira Kamal is the Director of Palestinian women Research and Documentation Center (UNESCO project). She was appointed as the first Minister of Women's Affairs in November 2003.Ms. Kamal has written a number of articles and studies on Palestinian women, women's empowerment, peace and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, women and citizenship, enhancing the role of women machineries.

Rola Dashti, Kuwait
Dr. Rola Dashti, a winner of King Hussein Humanitarian award for year 2005 and listed among the world’s 100 most powerful Arabs in 2007. She is presently the elected Chairperson of Kuwait Economic Society (first woman to chair the society since its establishment in 1970), whose mission is to advocate competitive and transparent economic reform policies, empower a generation of professionals and entrepreneurs, and build informed knowledgeable community. Dr. Dashti is a leading activist in the MENA region advocating democratic reform, fighting for gender equity, and increasing role for women in public life

Amal Basha, Yemen
Amal Basha is the Chairperson for Sisters Arab Forum for Human Rights (SAF) in Sana’a, Yemen. She held the positions of Advisor for the International Coalition on the International Criminal Court, Coordinator for a number for programmes, Legal Protections of Prisoners, Legal Rights for Refugees, Coordinator for Lawyers Training Programme on Human Rights and Advisor for the Ministry of Human Rights in Yemen

I believe they are knoweledgable advisor for DSAI in economic, law, human right and it's could be everything.Even DSAI also been a distinguished Visiting Professor at Georgetown University and serves as Honorary President of AccountAbility.Mybe all the strategy, the pronunciation of single word,psycholinguist way to the crowd have been planned before?Don't you see sometimes DSAI did an unexpected thing which are really unexplained by an ordinary person.The way he think..i could say awesome and it's really outside the box!!

but anyway..that’s just my two cents...

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